50 Ways to Be a Better Student

Tips for College and University Students

About the Book

Being successful in college or university involves more than just “being smart” or even “doing the work.” It’s more than just a few classes—it’s a lifestyle. You will need to work, eat, sleep, and socialize well in order to study well; and you’ll have to study well in order to learn and do well in your courses.

This book provides a collection of tips and reminders for taking care of yourself and having a productive and happy time as you study. Whether you are an international student, an older non-traditional student, a student at a community college, or a “traditional” freshman at a four-year college or university, there is a tip here to help you. Whether you apply a single tip, or whether you work through the list, you will be taking action to be a better student and to maximize the benefits of your overall college experience.

Tips are organized into these categories: Make an Impression, Understand, Be Organized, Respect the Rules, Support Your Classmates, Have a Goal, Take Care of Yourself, and Utilize Resources.

50 Ways to Be a Better Student is full of common sense—but the common sense of insiders: teachers who have “been there and done that” as students themselves and of people who have watched a wide range of students move through their courses and programs. For students, the tips will be a strategic asset. Teachers will find that making this information accessible to students will help to create self-directed learners and more harmonious classrooms.

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Book Cover: 50 Ways to Be a Better Student by Dorothy Zemach


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Narrator: Kirk Hanley
Format: Unabridged
Runtime: 44m

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Published: August 2, 2013
Publisher: Wayzgoose Press
Formats: EbookAudiobook
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Education, Study Skills, Academic Development, Education Counseling