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The Great Stories (fiction; original and adapted classics) and Big Ideas (non-fiction) series feature four levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2. The American Chapters series of original fiction is at the B1 level. All books are available as ebooks and paperback, and some as audiobooks. Scroll down to browse our selection. Click on a book cover for more information and buy links. In addition, our books are available in the online library Xreading and via the Readable app – read more info on Xreading & Readable.

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Xreading is an online library of graded readers from many publishers. Every reader has a short comprehension quiz and many have audio. Xreading is available as an institutional account to teachers or schools. Both students and teachers can track number of books read, number of words read, reading speed, and quiz results.

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Readable is a new app for graded readers and daily news. Learners can read as much as they wish for free (with ads and machine-generated audio) or through a paid subscription (no ads; human audio). Intended for fluency practice and reading for pleasure, readers do not feature quizzes or exercises, although learners can store vocabulary for future self-study.

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