All of the Above

Essays on Teaching English as a Foreign Language

About the Book

The second volume of collected essays by renowned ELT teacher trainer Dorothy Zemach, many of which were previously published on the site. Topics range from the abstract (Can a teacher motivate every student? Should learning English be fun?) to the practical and classroom-focused, including how to teach pre-reading strategies and how to design and create your own board games. Each essay concludes with a “food for thought” reflective practice.

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The Details

Published: November 6, 2022
Publisher: Wayzgoose Press
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1938757920ISBN-13: 9781938757921 ASIN: B0BLQX7PD8
Genres & Tropes
Education, English as a Foreign Language, English as a Second Language, Teacher Professional Development