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Writing, Communications & Language

Book Cover: Language Power by Norbert SchmittLanguage Power100 Things You Need to Know to Make Language Work for You
Book Cover: Setting a Plot by Brandon SparsSetting a PlotThe Impact of Geography on Culture, Myth, and Storytelling
Book Cover: The Language Learner Guidebook by Shane DixonThe Language Learner GuidebookPowerful Tools to Help You Conquer Any Language

History & Memoir

Book Cover: Sky Trials by Adam L. PenenbergSky RivalsTwo Men. Two Planes. An Epic Race Around the World.
Book Cover: Blood on the Highways by Adam L. PenenbergBlood HighwaysTrue Story Behind the Ford-Firestone Killing Machine

Miscellaneous Non-Fiction

Book Cover: Rangda, The Legendary Goddess of Bali by Brandon SparsRangda: The Legendary Goddess of BaliIllustrated by Clara Spars
Book Cover: Walking into the Light by Chuck SandyWalking into the LightA Devotional for 28 Days of Reflection and Change