Family Plot

A Romantic Comedy

About the Book

Whitney Faelhaber is a strong, independent woman. Just ask her, and she’ll tell you. Over and over again. But when her favorite aunt passes away and leaves her Velvet Printing, Whitney’s strength and independence are challenged in unexpected ways.

On paper, it sounds easy—all she needs to do is spend a few weeks in a small town in Maine and put this small business in order so she can return to her career in academia in sophisticated Boston. But the print shop comes with some difficult characters and a crumbling infrastructure, and she keeps crossing paths with the socially awkward yet intriguing (and handsome) guy who works at—of all places—the funeral parlor. To make things odder, it seems he had some sort of connection to her aunt—but nobody wants to talk about exactly what it was; least of all him. And then where is the missing $50,000?

The Family Plot explores connections to work, family, love, life, death, and life again. Because maybe what changes your ability to cope with death is learning how to truly live.

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The Details

Published: May 16, 2020
Publisher: Wayzgoose Press
Pages: 378
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1938757793ISBN-13: 978-1938757792ASIN: B088QSN1CT
Genres & Tropes
Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction