Virtually True

A Dystopian Thriller

About the Book

True Ailey is a journalist in a strange land, exiled by his network to a damp Southeast Asian republic gouged out a war-ravaged peninsula weeping monsoon tears. When his friend is murdered, True sets out to find the killers, and in the process untangles a vast conspiracy that threatens to upend the global balance of power. Set in the near future, Virtually True takes readers on a wild ride through a world where nothing is what it seems, corporations rule, technology has been woven into the fabric of people’s lives, and information can be both weapon and life-saver.

In his first novel, award-winning journalist Adam Penenberg, whom Slate called “one of the best-known technology writers in the world,” has peopled a literary thriller with unforgettable characters and crafted a plot worthy of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and Martin Cruz Smith.

Silver medal, Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards, 2014

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“Penenberg uses his encyclopedic knowledge of the weirdest frontiers of technology and marries it to his gifts for compulsive storytelling and high-energy prose to bring us one of the best novels of recent years. It will make you think long and hard about the mess we’ve made of our planet. Read it now, before the movie version comes to a theater near you.”

~ Suketu Mehta, author of Maximum City, 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist

“In Virtually True, Adam Penenberg brings his considerable experience as a tech reporter to create a near future world that is both utterly disturbing and entirely believable. This is a fantastic novel, completely absorbing and full of memorable characters and fascinating ideas.”

~ novelist David Liss, author of The Twelfth Enchantment

“Its hero may ply his craft many decades in the future, with a bomb-proof self-cleaning suit taking the place of a grubby trench coat, but his readiness to risk life, love and sanity to uncover the truth traces a clear path back to Woodward and Bernstein. Equal parts journalistic masterpiece and sci-fi masterclass, Virtually True refuses to let go until long after its earth-shattering finale.”

~ Paul Carr, author of The Upgrade: A Cautionary Tale of Life Without Reservations, and founder of Not Safe For Work Corporation.

“In Virtually True, the imagination fires, the dialogue crackles. Adam Penenberg’s deeply imaginative novel is a wild ride of techno-subterfuge rooted in the eternally human quest for identity, and justice.”

~ Paige Williams, narrative writing instructor at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard

The Details

Published: July 23, 2012
Publisher: Wayzgoose Press
Pages: 334
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1938757009ISBN-13: 978-1938757006ASIN: B008IVNIRK
Genres & Tropes
Dystopian Future, Near Future, Science Fiction, Dystopian Thriller